EVENSWISS® Australia is delighted to announce the launch of its E-Swiss Rewards Program as a way of acknowledging the support and loyalty of our customers - without whom we just wouldn't exist.

Following is an overview of the program, detailing how to earn, and how to redeem EVENSWISS® 'SwissPoints'.


  • Sign up to the program and get 250 SwissPoints just like that!
  • Earn 5 SwissPoints for every $ spent on the site
  • Follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or share a link on Facebook and we'll give you 100 SwissPoints
  • Grow older.... seriously though, we can't stop the days, months or years passing us by but we can celebrate your birthday by giving you a 500 SwissPoint birthday gift to mark the occasion. (You'll have to let us know the date of course, but the year will be your secret....)


  • As your SwissPoint balance grows you'll have the chance to redeem them for discount coupons which you can use to reduce the cost of any purchase you make. We're starting with coupons for $8 (800 SwissPoints), $15 (1500 SwissPoints) & $25 (2500 SwissPoints) so you can start getting the benefits almost immediately (rather than spending 10-years saving up enough points for a bottle of face wash.... because we hate those kinds of programs too!).


Everyone loves a recommendation, especially when it comes with something you can benefit from straightaway. So tell a friend about EVENSWISS® Australia and we'll give them a $15 coupon to use on their first purchase. What's more, when they make that purchase, we'll give you a $15 coupon to say thank you.

 **And to all our valuable customers that have been with us from the start..... your SwissPoints are waiting for you already!

Even if you signed out as a guest when you made your purchases, all you have to do is create an account and all those SwissPoints (plus the welcome bonus) will magically appear. If they don't, then just drop us a line on our contact page with your original date of purchase and we'll sort it out for you!