Booster No.9 Hair Volume

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EVENSWISS® Booster No.9 Hair Volume is a concentrated serum containing Pisum sativum, or the common garden pea, to stimulate hair growth at the root and prolong the life cycle of hair. 

There are two types of hair on the scalp; Anagen and Telogen. Anagen hair is active, growing hair, has a root sheath, and tends to be stronger and more pigmented.

Telogen hair lacks pigmentation (melanin), has no root sheath and is weaker, inactive hair. 

Ideally, people should have 80-90% of their hair in the anagen phase, so if someone is suffering from anagen effluvium, they will suffer rapid hair loss.

Booster No.9 is formulated to boost the ratio of anagen to telogen hair and reactivate hair growth, with visible results often seen within three-months.

Natural ingredients for naturally healthy skin.


Size:   20 ml / 0.68 fl. oz.

  • Stimulates hair growth at the root

  • Prolongs the life cycle of hair

  • Fully restores the vitality of the hair

  • Boosts ratio of anagen to telogen hair and reactivates hair growth by stimulating the dermal papilla.

Using the pipette provided, add one or two drops of booster to a regular amount of a moisturising base and mix lightly.

Gently massage the mixture on cleansed scalp, leaving it to work overnight before rinsing thoroughly the next morning.

Use daily at night.

Recommended Ratio 1:10 (booster : cream)

Key ingredients:

  • Pisum sativum sprouts - to stimulate hair growth at the root, prolonging the life cycle of hair and restoring vitality, for denser hair in as little as three months.

Full list of ingredients:

Aqua (Water), Pentylene Glycol, Propanediol, Alcohol, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Pisum Sativum Sprout Extract

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Brian Allison
Happy wife, happy life.....

I bought this for my wife since she had been noticing her hair was getting a bit thinner over the past several months and I'd heard some good comments about Evenswiss products. She likes it :)

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